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Differently Gendered

"Differently gendered." Catchy, perhaps, but it would be more direct to say that I'm a transsexual. It's been an interesting life, but the only thing I can compare it to is pretending not to be transsexual.

Stopping the pretense and being true to myself has been a much better way to live. I hope that these pages will make the way easier for others who are differently gendered, along with their families, friends, and partners.

To all who may share this path, I wish you well.

My story, my views, my experiences, and a few opinions.

Opinions, Support, Resources

Opinions, Support, Resources will guide you to many other resources and viewpoints, both my own and those of others.

Gianna Israel Gender Library

Gianna Isreal is a gender therapist with a national consulting practice. I'm pleased to be able to offer her gender library on the web. Over the years, she has built an outstanding collection of information on the many aspects of being transgendered.

soc.support.transgendered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The soc.support.transgendered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answers most of the questions that I know how to answer.

A beetle fell in love with a caterpillar and she returned his love, but she died and lay still, wrapped in a cocoon. The beetle grieved over his beloved's body. Suddenly the cocoon opened and a butterfly appeared. The beetle decided to kill the butterfly because it disturbed his meditations over the body. He rushed over to her and saw that the butterfly's eyes were familiar--they were the caterpillar's eyes. He had almost killed her, for after all, everything was new except the eyes. And the butterfly and beetle lived happily ever after.

But you need to look things in the eye for that, and not everyone can do it, and sometimes a lifetime isn't long enough.

--Dmitri Shostakovich 

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