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Note: This FAQ is incomplete. I have made it available because it now contains considerably more than the original FAQ, but there is still much work to be done. Please send suggestions, comments, and contributions to Diane Wilson.

While there is much common ground, at least on the issues, some things are specific to the women among us.

8.1 Where Can I Shop?

8.2 How Do I Learn to Do Makeup?

8.3 Where Can I Learn About Breast Forms?

The Breast Form FAQ contains a great deal of information about breast forms, up to and including how to make your own, as well as information about fitting, T*-friendly suppliers, and much more. The FAQ is available on the web at <http://www.eskimo.com/~bloo/bformfaq/>.

8.4 Can We Talk About Passing?

8.5 How Do I Hide "The Bulge?"

It's called a "tuck" and it does work, even for leotards, leggings, bathing suits, whatever.

There's only one place for the penis to go, and that's to fold it back between the legs. Unfortunately there are a couple of other delicate items already occupying that space, and Bert and Ernie don't like to be crowded.

The secret is learning how to tuck Bert and Ernie up into your abdominal cavity. This is where they formed, after all, and the holes they dropped through are still there. The easiest way to learn to do this is to lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor, and find the place to push them into your abdomen. This will generally be straight up, relative to your body.

With this done, you can tuck your penis back comfortably, and all you need is a pair of panties that are tight enough to hold it all in place. This doesn't have to be super elastic; a plain pair of cotten panties (Jockey for Her) works fine for me. You'll have to experiment to see what works best for you.

With a bit of practice, you can do the tuck in less than a second while standing up and pulling your panties on. It really is simple and (for many of us) painless once you figure it out.

For other considerations, such as taping and why this technique might not be comfortable for everyone, see Jennifer's article on tucking. (Some people do report shrinkage after an extended time on hormones, and this can help with the discomfort.)

8.6 What Can I Do About Getting a Feminine Voice?

8.7 What Should I Know About Electrolysis?

8.8 What Safety Issues Do I Need to Consider?

Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. Things change daily on the Net and net-related information in this FAQ may not necessarily be correct. The only part of this document that can be considered perpetually accurate is the charter quoted in the first section of the Introduction.

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Last updated June 3, 2001.

The soc.support.transgendered FAQ was originally written by Amy A. Lewis <alicorn@pobox.com>, and was updated in late 1995 and early 1996 by Kymberleigh Richards <sysadmin@xconn.com>. It is currently maintained by Diane Wilson <diane@firelily.com>; updates and additions should be sent to Diane Wilson. The FAQ Introduction is also available via the Cross Connection archive server.

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