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Les Bizarrables

If there is any organizing principle here, it's unpredictability.

Yes, most of this has been posted in talk.bizarre. So have a lot of other things in my web site, but I managed to give them away to good homes.

Cat Tales
I should be working. Instead, I'm trying to teach my cat Russian. I want him to bring me his brush.
Highlights of morning radio.
Dream of Garnish When I found a place to sit, I looked at my plate. My lunch was a bland chicken dish in a white sauce over rice.
Becoming One
Concrete slabs are not cold or emotionless. I have interviewed several.
The Meaning of Machines
We've decided it just doesn't make sense for both of us to be spending money on computers. You know, for a couple of techno-geeks, this is probably a sign of real commitment.
Origin of Species
Float, drifting. Lightness warms. Nip lightness from up; easy.
Holiday Movies I Intend to Miss
Isolation, dwindling food supplies, and bone-numbing cold.
Stochasms (Statistical Realities)
You're not just one statistic; you're an indeterminate, everchanging number of statistics.
Ancient Egyptian Objects
The LACMA is having an exhibit on "The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt".
Lizard Eyes
Plus, of course, we all have eyes set too close together by lizard standards.
A Reader Survey
Choose your first impulse; second-guessing yourself will only leave a false impression.
Places to Avoid, and Why
The high school football team, known as the "Ooze," is undefeated.
Decorator Condoms

There's really no good reason to be doing this....

Time Portals
Ever since Einstein proved that the flow of time is observer-dependent, the circular flow of time in the Middle East has been assumed without question.
Selling Out

Give me liberty, or give me a death-defying jump across the Snake River.

My Summer Reading List

Trembling Cripples and Lusty Kitchen Maids, by Charles Dickens

Bert and Ernie
I got a well-rounded introduction to sexual diversity that would put the most advanced Human Resources diversity training to shame.
Recalled Past
Your Past(tm) has been recalled. Defects have been discovered.
Holy Water is the Ubik of the 90's
They can disagree with you only by risking their immortal soul.
The Twelve Chairs: Proverbs

A chair in the road is yesterday's grandmother.

Job Profile: Panty Wedger
"We're proud that each of our panties will cause a full day's discomfort," says Pistachio Wallbanger, lead panty wedger on the production line.
Fiction versus Non-Fiction After reading Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition, I came to the conclusion that non-fiction is simply...
Bizarre Verite
Who needs eyes? Get a camera. Watch your life from outside yourself.
Music Newsgroups I'd Like to See

Patrick Tufts started it all by posting a bogus newgroup proposal.

Quotable Diane
My claim to net.fame is that I don't have a claim to net.fame. I don't even want net.fame. I donated my 15 minutes of fame to Goodwill.

Jim Small writes:

> Now, if you sell your soul to the devil, current dogma has it that you'll go to hell when you die

> Now, what if you give a 99 year lease on your soul to the devil?

You go to hell for 99 years, after which control over your soul reverts to mainland China.


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